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Interview: Kathryn Bolkovac – The Whistleblower – One Woman’s Fight for Justice

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Sakanov san nastavlja da živi.

Dragan_Sakan Dragan_Sakan
Interview: Kathryn Bolkovac – The Whistleblower – One Woman’s Fight for Justice
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Human trafficking – it is the new slave trade, an action many of us thought be extinct after the US Civil War. But it is worse than ever, not least because many of the victims hand themselves over to get out of economic and political peril. They want to flee societies in turmoil, corrupt systems, they want to find a

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Marc van Gurp, founder and owner of the international social marketing blog Osocio
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Osocio started as the blog of Marc van Gurp, in the Netherlands, and quickly became one of the best known social marketing blogs. It gets its strength from being a cooperative effort, gathering together writers from around the world. Osocio’s reporting and commentary now often features on AdAge Power 150, AdFreak, Copyranter, AdRants, and many more blogs on marketing and

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Carlos Ramas Santamaria – Art Director rising in the East
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A Spaniard in Hungary. In advertising and English. How does that happen? For Carlos Ramas Santamaria, art director with well-known advertising agency Kirowski Isobar, quite naturally. Change, challenges, innovation are the keywords to understand this successful ad man. Where are you originally from? Tell us about how you grew up. I was born in Spain, in Avila 100 km from

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It’s a Matter of Style – A talk with fashion designer Gordana Manojlović
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For many fashion should be one of our least concerns, especially in countries ravaged by economical, political, or violent crises. Gordana Manojlović thinks different. For her fashion is art, art is creativity – and creativity is humanity. We sat down with her and had a little talk about the fashion scene in Serbia. Why did you become a fashion designer,

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Aaron Cohen: As Darkness Disappears – Fighting slavery today
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Some things in life are easy. We know them, we think of them, we understand them. And then there are those phenomena we would rather not know about. All the bad things … murder, rape, child molestation. We try hard to look away, and most of the time we succeed – until someone like Aaron Cohen reminds us that many

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David Bell: Making Waves in Advertising – Not Just Down Under
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Australia may not be the first country coming to mind when one is asked about great advertising. Well, think again. With MercerBell Australia’s most successful Executive Creative Director David Bell has won over 50 prestigious awards. For 25 years now his company is thriving with no signs of stopping. How did you get into advertising? I spent a most of

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Stefan Sagmeister creates with open perception.
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He is one of the most innovative contemporary graphical artists, the sage, the thinking man’s designer: Stefan Sagmeister. His most radical work was a poster he created for his lecture in Detroit 1999. The invitation text was scratched into the skin of his torso, then photographed with a large format camera, which made every pore and every drop of blood clearly visible. Let’s see what

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Gini Dietrich, a wonder woman gets it all done.
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Gini Dietrich is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PR firm, Arment Dietrich, Inc. a firm that uses non-traditional marketing in a digital world. She is the founder the professional development site for PR and marketing pros, Spin Sucks Pro, and co-author of the forthcoming Marketing In the Round. She also runs a blog called Spin Sucks, the 2010 Readers Choice PR

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Hockey fever in Zagreb
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Questions that are not answered!

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